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Marshmallow Man


Marshmallow Man is an all-time Favorite Max VG, Premium ELiquid.

Marshmallow is where it’s at! Setting one of the hottest trends in the industry! SWEET. CREAMY. FLUFFY. Puffy, gooey, perfect marshmallows in every puff.

Marshmallow Man ELiquidbrings you a perfect replica of the genuine article. Marshmallows rise from your coil to be inhaled and savored as only the real candy itself could taste. You might be inclined to chew due to the realistic flavor of this liquid, so no more undignified hand reaching into the bag of marshmallows, no more painful jaw crunching experiences. Get your marshmallow fix in the truest vaping form possible. Marshmallow Man knows you love him and he loves you too.

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