Flight Mode CBD

Flight Mode CBD | 200MG CBD Gummy Rings

Flight Mode CBD Gummy Rings

Why Choose Flight Mode CBD?

Our CBD is sourced entirely from US-grown non-GMO, pesticide-free,Industrial Hemp Oiland extracted using “CO2 Supercritical Extraction processes” from only legal grow states here in the United States. Once sourced; our CBD goes through rigorous laboratory testing to ensure the highest quality and regulatory compliance. Rest assured with Flight Mode CBD that your wellness is our number one priority.

Flight Mode CBD gummy rings are deliciously formulated to aid in Anxiety Relief. While there are many other residual benefits; our primary focus was to formulate a combination of Terpenes that specifically target and assist in alleviating anxiety.

With 25MG's of infused CBD in each gummy you will feel our specially formulated terpenes go to work to relieve you of your everyday stresses.

These delicious watermelon-flavored cannabidiol (CBD) gummies from Flight Mode are non-psychoactive, and a fantastic way of benefitting from the hemp plant. This good value pack has 200mg of CBD in total, split up into eight servings of 25mg. The ingredients used mean these gummies taste just like regular gummies, and are discreet, with no recognizable cannabis aroma.


  • 1 Bottle Contains 8 25MG Gummy Rings - 200MG Of CBD Per Bottle

  • 1 Display Box Contains 6 Bottles - 1200MG Of CBD Per Display Box

  • 1 Master Case Contains 24 Display Boxes - A Total Of 144 Bottles

When it's Time to Relax, it's time to Put your Body in Flight Mode!

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