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200MG Full Spectrum Airbender CBD Drip Pods | Individual Pod

200MG Full Spectrum Airbender CBD Drip Juul Pods

Airbender has partnered with CBD Drip to Create 200MG Full Spectrum CBD Podsthat are Juul Compatible. Available in 4 Different Flavors. Original, Lemon Bar, Fresh Melon and Mint! Be sure to Choose Your Flavor from the Drop Box. By default it is set to Orignal. Please Note if you Build a Varitey 4 Pack By Choosing One of Each Flavor, Take advantage Today with our Bundles!


  • Lemon Bar
  • Mint
  • Sweet Melons
  • Original

What’s Included: x1 200MG Full Spectrum CBD Pod By CBD Drip

Please Note each individual Pod Contains 200MG of Full Spectrum CBD Drip and each Pod is Individually wrapped.

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