CBD Drip ECOShots By CBD Drip | Relax and Energy

CBD Drip ECOShots Available in Two Styles - Relax and Energy

On the go energy

Our next products are our hemp extract ECOShots Energy and Relax. Each bottle contains 2 ounces of our unique hemp extract blend. Energy is just like it sounds; it is an energy shot to get you going in the morning or help you with that afternoon midday hump. Because this product is an energy shot, we don’t recommend taking it at least five hours before bedtime. It could keep you up at night. Energy is intended to be a dietary supplement like our other products, just use in moderation. We do recommend not taking more than two Energy shots a day. Energy is designed to give you a boost without a jittery feeling but if you do take an excessive amount it could give you a jittery feeling. It does contain caffeine so based on your caffeine and coffee intake you should be able to gauge how many shots you want to take per day.

Relax better than before

ECOShots Relax is just what it sounds like, a shot to help you relax after a long day or just taken when you want to relax and have a lazy day on the couch. Relax is not a "sleep aid" and won’t make you tired, but it's designed to give you a calm, mellowing effect. Some people like to counterbalance the Energy shot in the morning with a Relax shot in the evening. Overall, there is no wrong way to take ECOShots Relax. We recommend one shot per day as desired but feel free to take as much or as little as you want and find out what works best for you.

Each Bottle Contains 25MG of CBD