February 09, 2017

Vaping as a habit is something that lawmakers just don't seem to understand. First, there was the classification of all vaping products under the same branch as tobacco smoking, like cigarettes and cigars. Now, using this same logic and precedent, the National Parks Service is moving in on banning vaping in public parks.

Why this is unfair

As members of the vaping community, we are well aware of the fact that vaping and smoking are vastly different. In fact, smoking has a long list of cons that are almost completely countered by vaping. Vaping has even been a proven way to help people quit smoking.

Vaping is also safer in every way. Unlike smoking that requires an open fire to start and continues to burn as it is used, vaping is battery operated and literally, no heat ever reaches the outside of the device.

Vaping is also not always used to ingest nicotine. In fact, the user gets to choose how much nicotine they would like to take. It is even possible for the vaper to completely cut off nicotine from the picture. It seems as though the Federal bodies are not even considering any of these facts before giving out their regulations.

If carried out, this rule will essentially make vaping and smoking the same. They are not in any way or form, equal. The only similarity between the two is that smoky substances come out of the user's mouth and nose. That just cannot be the basis for laws!

Superintendents will be given complete authority to determine where and when these bans can be placed. The formal ban on smoking inside national parks came in the year 1983. Vaping was banned as a matter of principle in 2015, but here is still no actual law that prohibits people from vaping inside parks.

The officers of Parks have also made mention of the fact that while smoking is formally banned, superintendents get to choose when and the time period in which smoking is banned. There are spots like caves and other closed environments, group walks, and seashores where smoking is prohibited at all times. Also, during parts of the year where there is a fire hazard, smoking is banned across the board, but that is more of a fire safety issue more than a health one.

In fact, when speaking of the rule itself, the FDA regulation was brought up, and if the FDA thinks that vaping is as dangerous as smoking, then it will be treated as so, said the Director of the National Parks Service. It cannot, however, be stressed enough that the habit of smoking and vaping are not only not the same, it has been proven that vaping is not a cancer risk at all.

The new rule is set to be brought out after public comments on it close on the 7th of March. After this, it will be reviewed and it will be formalized.

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