Pennsylvania Continues to Unfairly Tax Vape Products, Businesses Struggle

February 12, 2017 3 min read

Pennsylvania Continues to Unfairly Tax Vape Products, Businesses Struggle

The state of Pennsylvania continues to charge a 40% tax on vape products. The tax that was proposed late last year is really starting to hurt businesses in the state. The tax was instated as part of the budget plan.

Pushing businesses out

Since the time this tax was introduced, it has been found that nearly 100 stores selling exclusive vape products have shut down as they were not able to afford it anymore. That is roughly 1/3rd of the state’s vapor products. The tax was able to single-handedly cut the industry in that state down by a third. It is a classic case of predatory taxation, taxes that are introduced for the sole purpose of causing harm. The intentions behind this tax, according to the state, was that it was supposed to reduce the intake and sale of tobacco products.

The state was even called on to vote the repeal of the taxes, but the bill never got passed because there was a lack of legislative days and the year-end mess that was the election put this issue out of focus.

The bill is to be brought up this year again. Senator Camera Bartolotta is expected to help rally the reduction of taxes on e-liquids down to 5 cents per ml. There have been a number of rallies all through last month. The last protest and lobbying happened just a few weeks back.

All of this seems to be falling on the wrong ears as the government is yet to decide on whether or not it is worth rolling back. There is no other state in the country with such unreasonable levels of tax on such a harmless product. Vaping has even been prescribed as one of the safest ways to take CBD, a derivative of Hemp oil that is showing great promise in several medical studies.

Apart from being relatively harmless, vaping is also environmentally responsible. The pollution caused by vaping and the dangers of second-hand smoke is non-existent. Most other states have taken a lot of these facts into account and have learned to treat smoking and vaping as two different acts entirely. We can only hope that the state of Pennsylvania wakes up and sees how the livelihood of many is being affected by this tax. While the concept of taxation is well understood and is accepted as vital, using taxes as a way to drive out harmless businesses is unfair. It goes against the fundamental principles on which taxation is and should be based.

The concept of tobacco smoking being completely different from vaping still seems to be unclear with the lawmakers. Only this week, two studies brought to light how harmless vapors are and that it is not much different from the air we breathe. Lawmakers need to be taught and made to understand that smoking is harmful while vaping is not and that in fact, vaping is one of the best ways to quit smoking!

This Article is written under our own opinion on the matter of Vaping being safer than traditional burned tobacco and is we are within in our rights under the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United states of America to express our personal opinion on the matter.  This article also contains Published Facts gathered first hand or from published reports on the statistics gathered from other media organizations. 

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