ELiquid Universe, Inc. - The Home of The Dragon Liquids Brand - E-Liquid Online Review

August 30, 2016

ELiquid Universe, Inc. - The Home of The Dragon Liquids Brand - E-Liquid Online Review

ELiquid Universe, Inc. - The Home of The Dragon Liquids Brand - Online Review

Being a fan of e-liquids keeps one in the category of true environmentalists. Apart from this, use of e-liquids is a new way to enjoy the various forms of vapes. Giving the right handed help to the e-liquid enthusiasts, Eliquid universe, Inc. is the proficient and equally promising name in the related domain. Being a home to almost every popular type and flavour of e-liquids, they are a master in the product category.

Better known as the home of “The Dragon Liquids Brand”, the company creates a well famed appearance for all the vape followers.

Categories of Company’s Appearance Online

The company appears in the three major categories as per the suitability of various categories of customers and their choice/preference, like:-

  • E-Liquids Producer
  • E-Liquid Retailer 
  • E-Liquid wholesaler

Flavours Offered:

The main motive of the company is to establish an incredible rapport with their customers, provide excellent customer service, and offer a great variety of eliquids that their vape lovers will enjoy. Thus, the company offers a rich, premium class of Gourmet Flavors that are in a class of their own.

  • Fresh Banana
  • Fresh Strawberry
  • Fresh Sweet Tea & Lemons
  • Chocolate from one of most well known companies in the Chocolate Business
  • Mixes of Organic Fruits not seen in eliquids before such as Blood Orange, Kiwi, Cantaloupe, Dragon Fruit, Raspberry, & Papaya
  • Organically extracted Coffee and Espresso beans
  • Sweet Organic Tobacco 
  • Pure Organic Honey 
  • Fresh Organic Hazelnuts, Pralines, & Macadamia Nut Extracts

Why Choose Them?

Even though there exists multiple reasons behind moving ahead to choosing them, there are definitely a few considerable reasons too.

Mentioned below is an enlisted checklist on reasons that supports the company’s clients’ interests in the products offered:

  • The company’s niche used for the product creation is they only use 100% USP Kosher VG (vegetable glycerine) based E-Liquid.
  • They are all Vegan Friendly and only natural flavourings are used in the production and creation of their Liquids. 
  • One will definitely relish their choice with the extremely smooth and tasty company’s e-liquids offered.
  • No unusual irritation or burning sensation in the throat with usage of their e-liquids, as goes common with PG-based e-liquids.
  • Dragon Liquids Brand is built to cater every suitable need of the vaping enthusiasts with the best organic e-liquids being offered to date.
  • The company is keen at maintaining the quality levels and standards. Thus adding to this, it provides real, pure and one of the finest E-Liquids to the e-liquid enthusiasts.

The company appears among one of the top branded e-liquid companies with the high class association and relationship with giant Vape Advocates as they are big Advocates themselves. VapeMagazine.com is one such company who instills “Vape Family & Community” and is a big supporter of their company and has forged many relationships for them. "VapeMagazine.com really showed us what it means to be a family, stated Matthew J. Leonard, President & CEO". ELiquid Universe even has a secondary website through Vape Magazine's recently launched
PremiumELiquids.com Web Stores under the name Dragon.PremiumELiquids.com.

Their main website is ELiquidUniverse.com and offers an incredible rewards program, Starter Kits, 14 different flavors of their Ultra Premium ELiquids and are always supplying their customers with amazing coupon codes and Special Sales.

The company stated they would surpass the deeming FDA Regulations. Visit them today at ELiquidUniverse.com. With such great stars on the company’s achievement list and product authenticity, the company definitely holds a key position in the eyes of true vape lovers.

- Justina Calmone

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