November 22, 2017 5 min read

Today's review is on the new triple threat. No, it doesn't sing/dance/act, but unless you have been living under a rock you have definitely caught on to the fact that Vandy Vape has officially become a staple in the vape world. They have been pumping out product after seriously popular product without skipping a beat since day one. Today we see if their recipe for success worked on the Triple RTA. I know I was excited to review this product. Most of you know what an RTA is, but in case you are changing your relationship status from "its complicated" to "wanna hit that flavor high note" and deciding to upgrade then an RTA is a good start. The main difference between an RTA and RDTA is that with an RDTA you fill up usually to cotton hanging into a tank, and you can take a top cap off and drip a little juice if you need it. An RTA has a tank that surrounds a sort of chimney. You insert your build and cotton, put some juice on the cotton, then put the adjustable juice cap around it, the juice will enter the juice holes, and cotton will continuously pull the juice from the surrounding tank into the cotton. The only downside to and RTA versus and RDTA is that you will occasionally get a dry hit since your coils won't be getting the eliquid lubrication to keep that flavor up. I will tell you my way around this after we break down the Triple RTA. Let's start with the specs and then get into the performance.



Included with your Vandy VapeTriple RTA:

  • 1 Triple RTA
  • 1 Extra Pyrex glass
  • 1 Spare Parts Bag
  • 1 18.5mm Derlin Doc Tip

Product Specificiations:

  • Supports a Triple or Dual Coil System
  • Postless build deck
  • 28mm diameter
Ok, so now that you are informed on what you are getting in your Vandy Vape Triple RTAbox, and familiarized with the specs of it lets dig in. So, obviously the feature that has everyone excited about this is its ability to support a dual coil system or a triple coil configuration. Obviously, a three coil configuration would increase your cloudage. If you are not a seriously skilled coil builder, and you don't have even a moderate understanding of ohms law a triple build in this will be a little harder for you. I tried to do a three coil system, but it ohmed way too low, and I didn't want to attempt using it like that. So, I have stayed in the cozy in between land of a dual coil system. Clearly, due to its ability to work a three coil system is the reason it boasts a large 28mm diameter making it a beast size wise. It has a 4ml juice capacity. The secret to not getting a dry hit supposedly relies on proper wicking. I have wicked it several different ways, and I definitely can attest to the fact that dry hits are extremely limited with this device but, as with anything, it does happen. Nothing is fool proof. The way I get around this is by just dripping two drops of juice per coil directly down the chimney. Then just run your mod for a couple of seconds to burn off any excess juice that would otherwise leak out if you don't complete this step. It could be a wicking situation on my end, and you may not even need to do this. Yes, I too am fallible! The second best feature on this device is its postless build deck. Postless build decks are all the rage right now. Everyone is jumping on the postless build deck, and for good reason. The postless build deck makes installs so much easier. You cut the leads on your coils to the length you prefer and then just drop the coil in the holes on the deck and tighten the screws located on the sides of the deck. Its so simple and convenient. If, like me, you are using it in a dual coil configuration then you would put a coil in the first space and third space leaving the middle empty. Then insert your cotton, wick it making sure that you completely cover the juice holes, and juice up your cotton. Make sure you saturate it enough to not have to worry about running dry quickly. Then fill up the tank by unscrewing the top. The great thing about the Vandy Vape Triple RTA is that the top cap twists off easily from the top filling ring making refilling a breeze. Then you just let it sit and absorb into the cotton in the juice holes. Unlike the Kylin RTA that I reviewed last time, this RTA does not have adjustable juice holes. That's another way it keeps your cotton pretty saturated, and I feel like they purposely included this feature due to the fact that with a three coil configuration you would want to pull as much juice in as possible. It also features some seriously large holes for great airflow that can be adjusted at your discretion.
Final Thoughts and Opinions:
This is a wildly effective RTA. Even with just a dual coil install this thing chucks amazing clouds, and is really easy to use considering the fact that the triple coil option seemed intimidating at first. Although I have only used in dual coil mode I can say that the flavor and clouds are on point. So, that would leave me to assume that in triple coil mode it would be way more intense flavor and cloud wise. I absolutely love and recommend the Vandy Vape Triple RTA, and it has moved its way into my daily rotation. I do have to give my usual warning/disclaimer and say that RDAs/RDTAs/RTAs are not toys. You need to use them responsibly. If you plan to use this with a triple build follow all necessary precautions. Make sure and have a sophisticated understanding of ohms law, and make sure that whatever build you decide to use in the Vandy Vape Triple RTAis built to function as triple build otherwise you are going to ohm too low. This can make it overheat on many mods or not work on mods that have certain ohm minimums. So make sure an exercise caution at all times when using an RTA. If you are looking for a flavorful, mega cloud producing, easy to use RTA then the Vandy Vape Tripleis the perfect RTA for you. Make sure and check out this RTA and the rest of the Vandy Vape lineup here at ELiquid Universe where everything you need is available at some of the best and most competitive prices around. ELiquid Universe has absolutely everything you need to up your vape game, and its priced to go. Why pay more for the things you want and need when you can get them here for less? Make sure and check out everything ELiquid Universe has to offer and register with the site to save even more. Once you have done that check me out on Instagram @vapingangel where I do product reviews and promotions on all things vape related and all things ELiquid Universe related. Until next time, keep your vape game strong and stay tuned for the next post xoxo

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