October 22, 2017

So we all bore witness to the "sneak peek" images that AugVape released for this striking to look at and highly anticipated RDTA. AugVape products have generally been popular and well received by the vape community, but the Merlin RDTA was like releasing a piece of art. I happen to have the rose gold version, and absolutely in love with the ornate look of it. It was almost like when I opened it up I didn't even want to use it. It was just too pretty. Obviously, some people might want to go in a different direction color wise with a less ornamental looking piece, but how does it perform? Is it worth your time and money? These are the things that we will find out as we dig into the Merlin RDTA by AugVape.

This "genesis style design makes this well designed to accommodate big and fancy coil builds. It has large oversized post holes and a large build deck so you can use larger coils, which is part of the beauty of this RDTA. This is one of those Love it or Hate it RDTAs if you read some of the reviews out there. I happen to love it. The flavor on it is amazing. The flavor can be a bit muted if its not wicked correctly, but once you learn to do that the flavor is absolutely amazing. It can occasionally be a juice guzzler. Most of the juice you see guzzled at first is actually in your cotton. So that's actually a good things, but it does seem to need to be refilled quite frequently if you are using it on the reg. The airflow control is completely smooth and wide open. If you keep your airflow wide open you can chuck some amazing clouds, but you will sacrifice flavor. I keep mine about 3/4ths open, and I get major flavor and major clouds. I was actually very surprised that something this gorgeous and intricate could produce clouds like this. The seriously fancy S design on the bottom section is actually an inner cage, which could be considered a con because there is nothing protecting the glass. That hasn't been an issue for me, but if you are accident prone its something to think about. Much like the design, if you like your coils simple and slim this may not be the RDTA for you, but I have found ways to work it out. One other con is that there is no single coil option, at least as far as I know, so this is a dual coil device. Once you get your preferential coils in there wicking should be a breeze. The juice ports are massive so they are simple to wick, and they can fit a ton of cotton. When wicking you can go the route of keeping the cotton above the juice and doing the tip back and forth motion to wet the wick, but I like to make mine a little longer so its more submerged in the juice. That's just my preference. You definitely want to make sure that your juice holes are completely covered by cotton because if you turn it upside down or leave it on its side you might get a bit of leakage. Since I've had mine I have only had that problem once, and it was because I didn't wick with enough cotton. Make sure you keep the cotton out of the way of your airflow ports. My absolute favorite features on this is the convenient top fill system and the enormous build deck. There is a hole right in the middle of the top of the deck that you just put your juice in and fill it up. Unlike past RDTAs where you had to use a side fill system the top fill hole system works amazingly. It makes filling this baby so easy, and with the large build deck you have plenty of space to put your big and beautiful coils in there. Let's list the features and then get to final thoughts.


  • 304 SS
  • 24mm Diameter
  • 3.5 ml Juice Capacity
  • 48.5mm Height
  • Derlin Top Cap and Drip Tip
  • PEEK Insulator
  • Borosilicate Glass Tube
  • Elegant Hollowed-out Logo
  • Easy to Wick and Refill
OK, so now that we have gone over all the key features lets land on a verdict. The Merlin RDTA is the perfect place to start for newcomers to RDTAs. It really doesn't get much easier than this RDTA. Expert builders will be able to build the biggest most amazing coils in their collection because this will take pretty much any build you want to throw in there. It has a fancy design that may not be for everyone, but taste is subjective. I adore beautiful things, and this beautiful thing is something I want in my collection. It helps that I have a mod that matches my rose gold Merlin RDTAperfectly, but even if you don't there are other colors available. There are many practical choices when looking for an RDTA, but there is something so nice about owning something gorgeous. Something fancy that makes you and your setup feel fancy too. When I use my Merlin I feel like I'm the star of my own movie. I feel like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's with her fancy cigarette holder, but my fancy cigarette holder is this gorgeous Merlin. The beautiful piece of art that AugVape made. I cant possible recommend this enough, and not just because its beautiful, but because it vapes like a dream. The amazing flavor, amazing cloud production, the amazing build space, and ease of use. It would be a crime not to scream from the roof tops that I would highly recommend this for new and veteran vapers alike. AugVape really knocked it out of the park with the Merlin RDTA. Even though I am highly recommending this to newcomers because of its ease of use I also must issue my usual warning. RDAs and RDTAs are not toys. Before you use one you need knowledge of ohms law, what types of coils go with what wattage and device, and always triple check your ohms before using one on any device. Especially a mechanical device. Make sure along with knowing your ohms law you always use batteries from reputable companies that are in great condition.
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