Smok Pro Color Kit Review

August 29, 2017 0 Comments

Smok Pro Color Kit on E Liquid Universe

Hello, again, Vape Nation! I'm back to review another new release. The Pro Color from SMOK Tech. This device has been making the rounds on social media as the up and coming mod to watch. Mods that light up have been all the rage lately with Sigelei releasing the KAOS, and the SMOK following it up with the T-Priv, and even IJOY got in on the global light party once upon a time with their Zenith mod and are venturing into the light up tank business. Now the party is in your hands, and everyone is buying. I think the draw to purchasing these mods is the level of personalization they provide, but besides the light show what other qualities does this device have that makes it something you may want to purchase. Lets dig into the SMOK Pro Color Kit and find out.

Unboxing and Specs:

When you open your SMOK Tech Pro Color Kit you will find the mod itself. Underneath the mod you will find one TFV8 Big Baby tank with a preinstalled V8 Baby Q2 0.4ohm dual coil and an extra V8 Baby-T* 0.12 ohm octuple coil for future use. There will also be a replacement glass tube in case something should happen to the one currently on your tank, a micro USB cable, a user manual, and the usual spare parts like O rings, tank bands, etc.

The Pro Color Kit uses an RGB backlight that is shaped like a shield around the colorful and very large 1.3 OLED high definition screen. An RGB LED light stands for Red, Green, and Blue which are the main primary colors that can be mixed to make any color. The RGB LED light that make up the strip on the front of the Pro Color Kit combines these 3 colors to produce around 16 million hues of light, but not all these hues or colors are possible on this device. Colors like pink and brown have proven to be difficult or impossible among other colors. The Pro Color Kit also has a completely newly designed software interface. This will come into play when we get into the Menu Functions. The fire bare is on the side of the device and has a great feel in your hand. It makes it very easy to hold one handed and push the button on any spot or use ur palm to hit the whole bar to vape with it. The ergonomic feel is impressive.


Functions and Use:

To use your Pro Color Kit your are going to want to put an atomizer on it. Included with it is the TFV8 Big Baby tank which is once of my favorites for flavor and clouds. You want to make sure you have inserted two 18650 batteries in the battery door located on the underside of your mod. To Power the device on you will click the fire button 5 times in quick succession, and when you see the SMOK logo on the screen then you have successfully turned it on. Another great feature is that the fire button is slip proof so its safe in your hand. You can not use the clicking of the fire button to power the device off. Turing the Pro Color Kit off must be done within the menu.This device has a lot of options to personalize this device to look exactly how you want it. There are two ways to lock and unlock your Pro Color Kit. You can quickly press the power button 5 times to lock it or unlock it, or you can press the up and down buttons simultaneously to lock or unlock the device. The menu is fairly easy to get used to once you play with it for a little bit. If you quick press the fire button 3 times you will be taken to the first Operations Menu which is Mode. The options that you will be given will be TC (temperature control mode), VW mode (variable wattage or power), and Memory mode. You can use the up and down buttons to select your choice and then long press the fire button to lock in that choice. Once you do that it will take you to the next item you need to pick in the menu. For example, if you picked VW mode (power mode) you will then be able to adjust your wattage in the menu using the up and down and key and long pressing to choose. In this menu you can only choose whole numbers so for more specific wattages (like 50.6) you can do on the main screen. The next submenu in the Preheat menu and you can use the up and down buttons to choose between hard, norm, soft and set your preferred vape experience by holding the fire button down. If you have chosen TC mode then the menu options are different. You will then pick from coil materials like Ti, Ni, SS, and M (for memory). You will also pick your wattage and adjust your TCR (Temperature Coefficient Resistance). TCR works with TC mode to help you find a numerical value that indicates how much resistance will rise for a given temperature increase relative to its starting temperature. The higher the starting resistance of the coil you choose the greater the rate of increase in resistance with temperature. The Memory function is accessible when you push the down button and the power button at the same exact time and a small strip of options will show (W, Ti, Ni, SS, M). Whether you are in Wattage Mode or TC mode you can still choose Memory Mode by quickly using the up button to go to the M. This is basically setting presets on your mod like we used to with our car radios. There is M1-M22. Each Memory is in increments of 10. So M1 is 10w, and they keep going up in 10s all the way up to M22 that is 220 watts. Same if you are in TC mode just using temperature instead of wattage. It took me a few tries to get to the memory menu because u need to be quick or the menu disappears from the screen. So, you may need to practice a few times before you can really stick the landing. If you want to use your USB charger to charge the device just plug the cable into the USB port located on the front of the device under the color shield to charge it.

The next menu you will enter is your Puff Menu which shows your puff settings. What is different with this is there is no unlimited puff choice. Your only choice is the max of 999 puffs. So you can adjust this to less if you want and to lock it in hard press the fire button to get to the sub menu that allows to clear the puff counter. Use your up or down button to switch between yes and no. Picking yes will clear your puff counter, and to make that choice hard press the fire button.

The next menu you will be taken to is your screen settings. This is where you can personalize what color you want the lettering and numbers and displays on your screen to be. It gives you several color options like blue, purple, yellow, red, white, and green. Use your up and down button to choose a color and lock it in with the fire button. There is also the Screen Time submenu that allows you to choose how long you want your screen to stay on before it times out. Use the up and down button to choose your number and lock in the choice. The next submenu is Auto Lock. You can use this if you would like your mode to stay auto locked or unlocked. I keep mine unlocked because if I want to lock it I can do it easily from outside the menu.

Your next menu is the LED setting menu. There are tons of color options in here so you can have your choice of many different colors to fit your mood or whatever you want. There are 12 color options available for he LED light function. You have your choice of red, sienna, orange, yellow, green, light blue or cyan, purple, blue, dark blue or navy, white, RBG (red, blue, green), and rainbow (ROYGBIV). Once you have picked your color the next submenu will let you pick your Light Style, meaning whether your light fades (slowly goes from bright to lighter), or flashes (continuous flashing). Once you pick that you will go to the next submenu which is Light Up and you choose whether you want the light to stay on as long as your screen is on, while vaping only, or turn the lights off.

Your final menu is your Power Menu which lets you choose X to keep the power on or Y to power it off. If you choose to power it off you will see the SMOK logo before the screen goes black letting you know it is off.

Ok so before we formulate an opinion let me lay out your screen for you. At the very top left hand corner you will see the SMOK name and in the opposite corner you will see your battery display. Shining like a bright star in the middle is your wattage/temperature (depending on what mode you have chosen) and there will be either a W or a T to the right of the number. To the left of that number you will see your last puff time. On the bottom of the left hand side you will see your resistance or ohms, and underneath that will be your mode (Watt, TC, Mem) depending on what mode you have chosen and your drawing effect (hard, norm, soft). In the bottom right hand corner you have your voltage, and your vape data, which is a fancy way of saying your puff ratio (for example PUFF 35/999).


Final Thoughts and Opinions:

So now that I have flooded you with all of the information you need to use this device, and told you the specifics of how it is made I'm sure you still have questions. Like, what do I really think of the SMOK Pro Color Kit. So did i see the light? With the current flood of light up mods I didn't think another one would really interest me, let alone, impress me. I was wrong. This mod is probably one of the most impressive devices I have tried that utilize the LED color light up function. I like that they didn't have to make it massive or add a lot of fussy details. I think they knew that the light up function would stand on its own, and they didn't need to add a bunch of bells and whistles to hold your interest. If you don't have the light function on this would appear to be just a normal well made mod, but with the light function on it steps it up to a whole new level. It is smaller than the other mods of this kind that have been released, and the shape of it is so perfectly made to fit well in your hand. Its not bulky at all, and has the perfect angles to feel amazing in your hand. I am also blissfully in love with the large screen and that is entirely surrounded by the LED shield. Even though the screen is large it is not overcrowded with information. It gives all the information you need at a glance to know what is going on with your mod without a bunch of superfluous details that you don't want cluttering your screen. Screen clutter is for your laptop or cell phone screen...not your mod. The clean lines are also something that I love on this mod. I also do like the specificity of the menus. They include everything and are able to divide them into perfectly useful menus and submenus so everything has its place. I really love the aesthetically pleasing look of the RGB LED light strip. It is smooth and flatter than other ones I've seen so it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb, but it adds a great touch to the device. It lies flat against the mod so it looks flush from the side, and the way it lights up is a thing of beauty. I have mine set to light up like a rainbow when in use that way when I vape it its like a mini party in my hand. The colors are bright and perfect and it looks lush without screaming "Look At Me!!!"  With its clean lines and complex simplicity this has been my go to mod for ADV (all day vaping). You can carry it around with ease, and it is so well made with the location of everything on it, from the buttons to the LED shield strip to the shield shaped faux carbon fiber on the back, are seemingly put in the perfect area. If you have been curious about the SMOK Pro Color Kit I hope I have helped make it a little more clear to you. Ease of use alone makes this an instant hit to me, and again I adore the TFV8 Big Baby Tank. If you would like a SMOK Pro Color Kit of your very own make sure you purchase it here at ELiquid universe where everything is sold at competitive prices. You can get everything you need here cheaper than anywhere else. If you want it or need it why pay more when you can get it here for less? Everything you need with new things being added every day. If its here, and you want to know about it I will do my best to bring you that info. Comment what products you are interested in or have wondered about or comment any questions you might have that I can answer. I'm always interested in your feedback on what you want to know more about. Make sure and subscribe to the site to save even more money, and when you are done doing that follow me on Instagram @vapingangel and on Twitter @vapingangel24 where I do product reviews and promotions on all things vape related and ELiquid Universe related. Till next time, keep your vape game strong, and keep it here for the latest on the latest xoxo


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