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smok tpriv on e liquid universe

Hello, again, Vape Nation! Its time for another review on another mod that is lighting up social media. The T-Priv by Smok Tech. Smok is releasing a slew of mods and quickly. I guess the question is are they all bound to be hits, or are there going to be some misses? I will let you know, but for now lets focus on the subject of this blog entry. The T-Priv has been seen everywhere, and has piqued the curiosity of vapers everywhere. So, what's the big deal? Let's find out by getting into this mod.

Unboxing and Specs:

When you open your Smok T-Priv you will find the mod, a micro USB charging cable, a manual, a Big Baby tank with a preinstalled V8 Baby-Q2 0.4 ohm coil, an extra V8 Baby-T8 0.12ohm Octuple coil, a replacement glass tube for the tank, and all the usual spare parts. The specifications on this mod are Power range of 6w-220 watts, voltage range of 0.5V-9.0V, a resistance range of 0.1 ohms-3 ohms (variable wattage mode)/0.06 ohms-3 ohms (temperature control mode), and a temperature range of 200 degrees Fahrenheit to 315 degrees Fahrenheit, and a standby current of <500uA, and your Big Baby holds 5mls of juice.

Functions and Use:

You are, obviously going to want to put in batteries, and to do that you slide open the bottom battery door and insert your batteries. Once you have done that close the battery door, and the device will light up to let you know you didn't mess this step up and you are ready to go. Attach your atomizer, and if you are using a tank always make sure its at least half full so you don't burn out your coil. Your screen will be laid out as follows. In the top left corner will be your wattage or temperature depending on what you have picked. Next to that is an N with a W beneath it. The N is for Normal (it could change depending on what you pick for your vape intensity), and the W is for wattage if that's what you have it set to. There will be a T if it is in Temperature Mode. Next to those in the right corner is your battery display. Underneath your wattage or temp is your resistance or ohms, and next to that is your volts. At the very bottom there is a bar that shows how long your puffs are. If you are puffing and hit the end of that bar the mod will stop until you start over again.

To turn your device on you are going to hit the power bar 5 times in quick succession. The screen will display "SMOK". To vape you are going to want to hit the power bar. You will be cut off after 12 seconds. Pres the UP and DOWN button simultaneously to lock the device. Press the power UP and Down button simultaneously to choose your ramp up option which is norm/soft/hard in wattage mode or 15-220w in temp mode. Press the power button and down button at the same time to choose your desired mode, either TC mode or VW mode. When it comes to locking your device you are going to want to fast click the power bar 5 times in quick succession. Your mod will not be able to fire and no adjustments can be made. If you want to turn your device off you hold the power button down for 5 seconds while it is locked and choose "power off". You can also turn it off by accessing the main menu and turning it off from there. All your settings are automatically saved when they are selected so there will be no need to reset al your choices when the device is turned back on.

Menus and Prompts:

To get into your menu you are going to fast click the power bar 3 times quickly. Use the up and down buttons to choose options from the menu and long press the power bar to lock in your choice. Some of the choices you will find in this menu are:

Mode Switch: Giving you the option to choose between temperature control or wattage mode. In Temp Mode you can then choose from different effects like your coil type. For example, TI/STEEL/NI/200, and you can adjust temperature coefficient of resistance. In wattage mode you can choose your effect like hard/norm/soft. In the menu you can find the Puff options where you can set your max puffs to limit your puffs, unlimited puffs, and clearing your puff counter. Then you will find the COLOR menu. The most fun menu of them all. You can choose your desired color by using the up and down buttons. Your color choices (in their exact order) will be red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, cyan, RGB (flashing in red, green, blue), and rainbow (for those of you who want to get your ROYGBIV mod rave on) and then lock it in. Now your are going to use your up and down buttons to choose your color state which includes LED off, FADE, NORMAL with red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, cyan, and white, and LED off, FLASH, SMOOTH in RGB or rainbow. After you have made that choice then you will level up to the SWITCH menu which will let you decide when you want to let your colors fly. In this menu you will have the options to have the lights on while vaping, off, always on, and when the screen is on. I keep mine on just while vaping. Now that you know how to navigate through this device lets wrap this up with a segment I call....

Final Thoughts and Opinions:

So, did the T-Priv light up my life or leave me in the dark? While there was one con I was overall very satisfied. This mod is definitely innovative, and finally someone used my idea about giving these light up mods a rainbow function (not trying to take credit for this idea but i will take 20% of sales haha). This mod for sure gives me an old school Transformer vibe. I keep looking at it waiting for it to change into something else and fight the Decepticons, but that isn't the con. That is actually something I file under childhood dreamer awesomeness. It also has the white LED paper underneath the outside casing which is fully visible from the outside. I wouldn't count this is a con because there was really no way around that and its not bothersome at all. So what is the con I keep eluding to? This mod is beast size wise. I can barely fit my hand around it, and the fact that is a just a rectangular block with no dips or angles or any kind just drives home the sheer size of it. It for sure looks slightly like a brick, but that is something you can work with. I have for sure seen mods that are much larger, and even own some. I just thought it was kind of an odd departure for SMOK because they really haven't put out any mods that were shaped like this in a while...if ever. Typically they go for a smooth and easy to hold design. So, its not really a con. Its just different. So far I am beyond happy with the performance of this device. Its easy to use, and everyone loves a light show. This device doesn't need any improving on, but if I know SMOK they will try and that is something I cant wait to see. Hopefully this helps you make an informed decision on purchasing the T-Priv. I happen to love mine and use it daily, and there are so many amazing color options to choose from.


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