October 22, 2017

In 1940 a book by Thomas Wolfe was posthumously published with the title and titular saying "you can't go home again". Was ole' Tommy right? Let's find out while we go back and visit The Neighborhood. This will be my second trip there. So lets take a spin around The Neighborhood, and check out what their Sour House collection has to offer and what I got from the experience. The Sour House range by The Neighborhood is a sour and sweet candy line. Just in time for Halloween lets dig into this sour candy line.


Sour House Sour Watermelon. This is described as sour watermelon candy. Pretty standard description, but I'm pretty sure we can add some more to it. On your first inhale you taste sweet watermelon and then comes the sour gummy candy taste with a watermelon exhale. This brings it all together making it a perfect watermelon sour gummy candy taste.


Sour House Sour Strawberry. Described as a sour strawberry candy. You really get that sour candy taste right off the bat. This vape does taste like fresh strawberries, but not so fresh it takes away from the candy flavor. It tastes like the sour and sweet strawberry goodness of sour patch kids.


Sour House Sour Green Apple. Described as a sour green apple candy. This is for sure my favorite of all three, This is a perfect sour green apple candy. Its a blend I use very frequently. It has the perfect blend of tart and sweet fresh green apples and sweet and sour gummy candy. Making it a really great green apple sour candy vape.

So thoughts and opinions time? This line is a treat. I love each of these perfectly blended flavors and candy vapes are fire right now. I love how they keep it simple by taking one flavor and adding onto it with the sour candy spin. I have been in love with everything The Neighborhood has done thus far, and this is no exception. Another knock out line from an amazing company that is available for your consumption here at ELiquid Universe at amazing prices. ELiquid Universe has everything you need to enhance and up your vape game. Why pay more when you can get it here cheaper than anywhere else? Make sure and register with the site to save even more. Make sure and scoop up these delicious flavors by The Neighborhood while you are on the site. Once you have done all that make sure and check me out on Instagram @vapingangel where I do product reviews and promotions of all things vape related and all things ELiquid Universe related. Till next time, keep your vape game strong and stay tuned for the next review. The next reviews will be hardware reviews, which is always exciting for me. So stay tuned!


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