December 07, 2017 8 min read

Hello, everyone! I'm back with another review. Today we review the Vaporesso Revenger X Kit. Now this is not to be confused with its predecessor, The Revenger. This is a whole new and improved mod. Now although the two products are twins as far as aesthetics and performance they differ in one big way. The Revenger X utilizes a complete touchscreen and has no buttons, unlike the original Revenger, and more menu options. So, lets break this product down, and then get to my thoughts on it.


Unboxing and Specs:

  • Inside your Vaporesso Revenger X Kit Package includes:
    • 1 Revenger X Mod
    • 1 NRG Tank with GT4 Core (preinstalled)
    • 1 extra GT8 core
    • 1 extra pyrex glass tube
    • 1 USB charger
    • 1 user manual
  • Product Specifications on the Revenger X Mod:
    • Diameter: 45x89x28mm
    • Weight: 138g
    • Output Modes: Smart VW (H/N/S), CCW, CCT, VT (NI, TI, SS), TCR ( (M1,M2), RCT, Bypass
    • Temp Control Range: 100 degrees C-315 degrees C/200 degrees F-600 degrees F
    • Output Power: 5-220 Wattage
    • Display: OLED 0.96"
    • Resistance Range: 0.05 ohms-5 ohms
    • Thread: 510 Thread
    • Max Output Current: 50A
    • Voltage Range: 0-9V
    • Battery Cell: 2x18650 Battery (not included)
  • Tank Specs:
    • NRG Tank/NRG mini tank (depending on which one u got. This is for people who didn't get the kit, but bought the items separately)
    • NRG: 5ml/ 26.5x56mm/ 66g (included with the Kit)
    • NRG Mini: 2ml/ 23x47mm/ 48g


Ok, now we can get down to brass tax. What makes the Revenger X different from the Revenger? Besides its absolute sleek look there are no more buttons to fuss with. This mod has an entirely immersive screen made only better with the responsive touch buttons. The buttons are sensitive enough that you can you can make your choices with ease, but not so sensitive that one button push takes you all over the place. Its uses an OMNI board 2.2 to make the screen even more amazing than it already is. One of my favorite features of the Vaporesso Revenger Series has always been its slide-n-fill design. You can easily push the top lid back and your fill hole is revealed. The cores (or coils) last a really amazing amount of time, and have a sort of internal cover inside the tank itself. It has very large airflow holes along the airflow ring, and adjusting is easy. It still has the side power button that original Revenger has that you will click 5 times fast to turn on or off. With its large OLED screen you get the entire screen surface at your disposal. You will see the outlines of the left and right touch buttons along with the touch button for settings. Your screen will also automatically enter lock mode when the home screen is visible, but you will still be able to vape. This feature is just to make sure you don't hit something on the touchscreen accidentally and undo any settings you put in. To unlock the touchscreen buttons you can click the fire button three times fast, but this only works if the screen is in main screen mode. Once the device is turned on the OLED screen will appear displaying voltage, resistance, battery level, temperature, and output wattage. The screen remains locked though. After it is switched on and you have seen the screen display the screen will change to the Real Time Clock after 10 seconds of non use of the screen functions. The Real Time Clock display will turn off after 15 minutes, but that can be changed in settings. If your Revenger X is in clock mode you can't push any of the buttons on the touch screen to go back to the main screen. You must first unlock the main screen, and then proceed. Also, pressing the fire button will light up the home screen. The Revenger X also has automatic atomizer recognition and will read the coil's resistance as soon as it detects a connection. It also recognizes coil type.
Now lets take a look at all the menu features included with the Revenger X. To enter your mode menu you need to push the Settings touch button 3 times fast. The Mode Menu will come up and offer you ten mode choices. These 10 choices are VW H (high), VW N (normal), VW S (soft), CCW, VT-SS, VT-NI, VT-TI, TCR-M1, TCR-M2, and BYPASS. You will scroll through these options using the + or - buttons on your screen. Underneath all of these options are the choices to "system set" (lock in your choice) or exit (go back to the main screen). There are a lot of menu options attached to some of these choices so lets break those down. There is an advanced VW mode called Smart VW mode. There are three choices here which are, as listed above, VW H (high), VW N (normal), and VW S (soft). These are designed to enhance your vaping experience by letting you choose whether you want your puffs normal, harder, or softer. Your device can also make this choice itself because it is able to select the adequate average wattage for your atomizer, according to its resistance reading, but you can make this selection yourself as well. While in VW mode, you can use the + or - button to implement and comfirm any modifications to the wattage line. You can move on to the next bar by pressing the fire button. When you have made your final selections press the mode button to save and exit. If you are in TC mode (this includes TC-NI, TC-TI, TC-SS, TCR (M1-M2) you can choose from settings like VT-SS/VT-Ni/VT-TI. The Revenger X can support 316 Stainless Steel, Nickel 200, and Titanium coils. the OMNI Board 2.2 allows you to change the start up wattage under TC mode. Default is 75w. You could also just keep it in the given range. In TCR mode (Temperature Coefficent of Resistance) mode, the device can support different temperature control coils within different TCR ranges and you can set the TCR at different values within proper range. If you want to use the TCR Mode (M1, M2) press the mode button to select the features setting among TCR set, POWER Set. Press the up or down button to increase or decrease the TCR value and the power wattage depending on the coil material you are using. In the TC modes offered the temperature can be adjusted from 100-315 degrees C or 200-600 degrees F by pressing the up or down button. If you long press the up or down button you can make the numbers move more quickly. Another option you have in the TC modes is the ability to lock or unlock the the resistance level. Pres the - and mode button at the same time for 2 seconds  and a lock icon will appear on the display screen. Attaching a new atomizer will not change the locked resistance level. You will have to do this step again manually. The Revenger X also uses automatic atomizer recognition that I mentioned earlier. When you install a new coil or attach an atomizer you will be asked on the OLED screen to choose "new load" or "old load". This is the devices way of simply asking you if this is a new coil or the same coil. If it is the same press the - button. If it isn't the same press the + button. It will also show you the new resistance along with the old one and ask you to confirm the new resistance. Choose it and lock it in by pressing the + button. If the new resistance reading isn't correct and the old one is then press the - button, and it will return to the locked resistance. The direct voltage output system is applied in bypass mode. The higher your battery level is, the higher the voltage you are putting out. When set in this mode, the device can support a coil with a resistance range of 0.05-5ohms. Even though this device uses an advanced VW mode (smart VW) you can switch this feature off and on using the main menu and it does not impact the VW (H/S/N). Enter Smart ON/OFF and press Yes or No to confirm your choice. The default setting on your screen timeout is 10 seconds of the main menu and then it switches to the clock display. You can adjust the timeout setting from 3 seconds to up to 60 minutes. If you choose 3 seconds, after 10 seconds with your main menu the screen will time out and show 3 seconds of the Clock and then go dark. To restore to factory settings or default settings enter the Default option in your menu and press YES.
That's it for the hard facts. What's my take on the Vaporesso Revenger X? I have enjoyed this thing since it arrived on my doorstep for review. The flavor and clouds that the NRG tank provides goes above and beyond what most tanks provide. You get a crisp clear flavor and dense cloudage. I have also noticed that the coils for this tank last a good while. I haven't even had to use the extra coil included, and I have had this device for a good amount of time now. As for the mod itself, it is gorgeous. Not only is it sleek and made with an ergonomic shape that makes it fit perfectly in the hand, but the paint on this device is the real deal. It has a beautiful metallic sheen to it and so far I haven't been able to put a scratch on this thing. Not that I have been trying to, but I'm as clumsy as the next person. I like to think of it as one of my more endearing qualities. Its not just the paint that seems to be made out of something indestructible, but the screen and back as well seem semi bionic. There isn't a scratch on them despite being lined up with my mods or being pushed around a little. It does have a name fit for a Superhero Summer Blockbuster though. My absolute favorite feature is the fact that they got rid of the buttons. It is such a simple thing, but it really makes all the difference in making this mode have such a sleek and cohesive look. The touch screen is amazing and so easy to use, and the fact that the screen is the entire front of the device makes it all the more appealing. The touchscreen buttons are barely visible so it just looks like a smooth, bright, large, and interactive screen. It completely immerses the user and makes this device a step up from the original Revenger, and a step in the right direction for anything more Vaporesso has to come. It also comes with a USB charger that seems to be made of some sort of very gnarly looking material that I don't see being able to break or destroy. They are notorious for amazing products, and I have no doubt they will be keeping that title when it comes time to release the next big thing. I know that I am looking forward to it, whatever it may be. I hope my readers are too...that's assuming I have more than one reader haha. Make sure and get your Vaporesso Revenger X Kit here at ELiquid Universe where everything is sold at the best prices. Why pay more for the things you want and need when you can get them here at some of the most competitive prices out there? Make sure and register with the site to save even more. When you are done doing that make sure and check me out on Instagram @vapingangel where I do product reviews and promotions on the daily on all things vape related and ELiquid Universe related. You can also find a code in my bio to save you more money as well. Till next time, keep your vape game strong (which you can do by purchasing your vape gear here), and tune in next time when we review the new Smok G-Priv 2 xoxo

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