Her Majesty has Arrived!

November 25, 2017 6 min read

Her Majesty has Arrived!

Finally, we have gotten one of the Reviews I have been most excited about since laying eyes on this beauty. The Smok Majesty Resin Edition 225w TC Starter Kit(we will just be referring to her as Majesty) has hit ELiquid Universe and, along with the TFV12 Prince Tank, has been flying off the shelves. This mod is a beauty so I am not at all surprised that people are responding to its arrival in full money dropping force. The Majestyhas a newly upgraded user interface and a much larger and colorful OLED screen for a much more interactive user experience. The colorful resin that it is made of makes this mod especially beautiful, and it adds more brightness and various colors. It feels very comfortable in the hand due to its ergonomic design, and is easy to use with the side fire bar that is simple to press. The Kit for the Majesty comes with the TFV8 X-Baby, a tank I had not heard of until receiving this. So lets do the usual and get the unboxing and specs out of the way, and then I can tell all about what I think of this Mod, alone and as a kit.


Unboxing and Product Specifications:

  • Inside the box:
    • 1 Majesty Mod
    • 1 TFV8 X-Baby Tank
    • 1 V8 X-Baby Q2 0.4 ohm dual coil (pre-installed)
    • 1 V8 X-Baby T6 0.2 ohm sextuple coil
    • 1 replacement glass tube
    • 1 USB cable
    • 1 user manual
    • Spare Parts
  • Specs on the Majesty Mod:
    • Size: 85.1x30.6mm
    • Power range: 6.0-225 watts
    • Standby Current: <500uA>
    • Resistance Range: 0.1ohm-3ohm (vw)/0.05ohm-3ohm (TC)
    • Temperature Range: 200 degrees Fahrenheit-600 degrees Fahrenheit/100 degrees Celsius-315 degrees Celsius
  • TFV8 X-Baby Tank Specs:
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Size: 24.5x59mm
    • weight 58.5g
    • Capacity: 4.0ml
    • Thread Connector: 510


OK, so that's what you are looking forward to when you unbox your Smok Majesty Kit. Now onto what I think of this device. Lets start with the aesthetic of the mod itself. The Smok Majestyis love at first site gorgeous. She's made of beautiful resin. The resin has a sort of metallic sheen to it. Its not at all shiny, but like I said it gives off an only slightly noticeable sheen. The OLED screen is large taking up a good chunk of the front of this mod. The brightness of the OLED screen makes everything easy to see, and makes for a very user friendly device. The Smok Majestyalso comes with a newly upgraded user interface, not unlike the Smok ProColor Mod. In fact, the menu options on the Majesty and the way you make the choices are almost identical. Underneath the OLED screen are your two +/- buttons, and the charger port is located underneath those. The TFV8 X Big Baby Tankisn't much different usage or performance wise as the regular TFV8 Big Baby except that this tank utilizes a top airflow system. So the area underneath the top cap that swings open and has your top fill hole also has the two airflow holes there as well. I haven't had much experience with the X Big Baby tankdue to the fact that I have been using my Majesty in tandem with the TFV12 Prince Tank, but when I did use the TFV8 X-Baby tank the airflow being at the top was sort of odd to me. I mean it still a perfectly usable tank. To me it just felt strange, and sort of like I wasn't getting the flavor or clouds that I would get with a regular Big Baby, but that just be me. Everyone gets used to things a certain way, and like I said I did not use this tank much at all. The tank does have a slightly smaller juice capacity at only 4mls. I'm assuming this was because they had to use the extra space they could have had on top to accommodate the top airflow holes, but its not much of a difference.

Working your Smok Majestyis also pretty simple, and you will notice a major similarity to the newer mods Smok has come out with. You hit your fire button, the sidebar, three times to get into your menu options. The first menu with contain your mode, wattage/temp, and preheat options. So when you get into this first menu you will choose your mode by using your +/- buttons to go through the options which are W (wattage), Ti, Ni, SS (choosing these automatically puts you in Temperature mode, and these settings will be based on the material you use for your coils. When you settle on a choice you must long press the fire button to lock in it, and to get to the next choice or menu. There is also an M in this menu for Memory mode option that allows you to set your choices into Memory. There are 22 Memory slots in this device. Also in the first menu is your wattage or temperature setting where you can manually put in your choice or it will show what you already have it set to. There is also a Preheat mode that allows you to choose your personal effect choice like soft, normal, hard. The Second Menu that you will be taken to after this is the Puff Menu. This menu shows you your Puff Setting which you can lower, but it maxes out at 999 puffs. Whenever you hit 999 puffs on your device you will have to clear the puff counter or the device will not fire. You clear the puffs in the Puff Setting menu. To get to the next choice after the Puff Setting you long press the fire button and it will take you too Clear Puffs. From here you can use your up button to choose N for no or Y for yes. Long press once you have made your choice. If you choose YES then the Puff Counter will clear. If not then the next thing in this menu Puff Already which will show you how many puffs you have taken with your Majesty. The third menu you will be taken to has all your screen options. This is your Screen Setting Menu. The first setting in it is the screen color. This is where you pick what color you want the letters and numbers on your screen to be. The choices are Blue, Purple, Yellow, Red, White, and Green. Once you decide on a color long press to lock it in. Then you can pick when you want your screen to timeout. Its already set when you take out of the box to something like 240 seconds, which seems excessive to me, so I keep mine set at 50 seconds. The third option in the Screen Settings Menu is the Auto Lock feature. Its set at unlocked, but you can choose to keep it unlocked or auto lock it. I keep mine unlocked because locking the device is so simple I really didn't find it important to put it in there. If you want to lock your mod just hold down the fire button for 5 seconds, and the device will lock. Do the same to unlock it. The final menu is your Power Off menu where you can choose to turn the device off or not. Just pick the X or the Check Mark. The X does nothing but take you out of the menu, and the check mark will turn the device off. This is the only way, besides taking out your batteries, that you can turn the device on or off. When making choices in the menus you want to long press the fire button, but if you hold it down too long then you will skip to the next menu. The timing is something you will quickly get used to after a couple times playing around with it. That's how I learn to use Mods. I push buttons and mess around until I have learned. I haven't really had to look at a user manual yet unless its to check out something specific. So, now you now how to work this mod, and it is very user friendly. Add it being user friendly to the amazing look of the mod and you have a winner. This is not only a great and reliable mod for vaping, but it is an artistic beautiful piece that you will love owning. The stunning resin makes this an exceptional mod that I think you will love. I absolutely adore mine. The Kit is a great way to go. I love this mod so much that it is one I use daily. The only difference, as I said before, is that I use mine with the TFV12 Prince Tank. They look gorgeous together. The Smok Majestyis a stand out piece that I think you will love. So, make sure and check it out, and if you choose to own this outstanding vaping device buy it here at ELiquid Universe where everything is priced to go. Why pay more for the things you want and need when you can get them here at the most competitive prices out there? Make sure and register with the site to save even more. When you are done checking out all that ELiquid Universe has to offer make sure and check me out on Instagram @vapingangelwhere I do product reviews and promotion for all things vape related and ELiquid Universe related. Till Next time keep your vape game strong, and keep it here for the next review when we tackle the new Revenger X Kit xoxo

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