July 19, 2017

Hello, Vape Nation! I have finally jumped on the train of a product that most vapers are already very familiar with, and now I cant imagine how I went all this time without it. The EZ Dripper by EZ Cloud Company has become my new best friend for dripping my favorite eliquids on the go or just for convenience. I do occasionally use tanks, but for the most part I am a dripper. I love my RDAs so dripping is something that I spend a good chunk of my day doing. I'm sure I don't have to explain to you how dripping straight from a bottle can be messy and sort of an annoyance. This has been alleviated somewhat by companies steering more toward the use of gorilla or unicorn bottles, but still you always want a Plan B. Anyone who drips from a juice bottle is more than likely familiar with the ring around the bottle effect. Its the worst. That juice ring that forms around the bottom of your bottle when you are trying to drip, and the juice is going down the sides of your bottle leaving that sticky messy ring on your tabletop. Not to mention, the trouble you have to go to to pull the top off your RDA to make sure you dripped your juice just right onto the coils and cotton. This is where the EZ Dripper comes into play and has been a game changer. Coming in handy to avoid the mess, make it easier if you are on the road and need to drip, and also just a quicker option than dripping from a bottle.


The EZ Dripper comes in two sizes. You can choose between a 15ml or a 30ml...or don't choose at all. I would recommend stocking up on these so you can have your favorite eliquids ready to go with you at all times. The dripper is a cylindrical bottle that has a pump action tip that you put in your drip tip or chuff cap, and with only a couple of pumps you have the perfect amount of juice in your RDA. This gets rid of the need to drip directly from the messy droppers that come with eliquid bottles and gets rid of the dreaded overdrip. They are, obviously, made to be used upside down so you can pump directly into your RDA with ease. Once you have used all the juice in your EZ Dripper you simply use something thin to push it back down and fill it again. Make sure you don't use anything sharp to push it down or you will puncture the plastic bottom that pushes the juice up.

Final Thoughts:

This is an absolute revelation! I know that this product is in no way new to most of you, but its new to me, and I have a new romance brewing with this product. If you are dealing with a freshly wicked RDA with completely clean and fluffy cotton you may need an extra pump to make sure that you have completely wet your cotton, but don't go crazy. You only need a maximum of 3 pumps if your cotton is fresh, and less if it isn't. If you are a constant flavor switcher you may want to stick to the smaller bottles and fill each with different flavors to take with you on the go. I save the 30ml EZ Dripper for my ADVs. Another great thing about this product is you can pop a label on it if you want to own a bunch to use for different flavors. If you are a serial dripper, as I am, then this product is going to be your new best friend. Its a simple, but absolutely incredible innovation to vaping. Really wish I had thought of it...ahh next time haha. So, if you are looking to up your drip game, make it easier, less messy, and more efficient then you need to check out the EZ Drippers by EZ Cloud Company, and you need to check them out here at ELiquid Universe where everything is available at the best prices. If you want it and need it why pay more for it somewhere else? Make sure and register with the site for even more savings. When you are done stocking up on everything you need to maximize your vaping experience make sure and check me out on Instagram @vapingangel where I do product reviews and promotions on all things vape related and ELiquid Universe related. You can also use my code to save even more on the already low low prices available here. Till next time, keep your vape game strong and drip EZ xoxo

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