A "Light" Upgrade on the TFV8 Big Baby Tank

November 25, 2017 4 min read


Hey, everyone! I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving filled with great food, great family (family you were born with or family you have made yourself), and lots to be thankful for! I had a great one with my family, but now I am stuffed and back from my mini-vacation. Well it was more of a Thanksgiving Turkey-coma that shifted into a decorating the entire house for Christmas sort of vacation. When I say the whole house...I mean whole house. The mini elves are making my bathroom way less private.

Enough about me, and onto the next review. This review is something that has become a sort of staple for me this past week. There is something very fixating about it. The Smok TFV8 Big Baby Light Edition tank. Its the exact same tank with just one added feature, but this added feature makes it so much more fun to use. By the name of it, I'm sure you guess that the feature I'm referring to is that it lights up. So, lets do this the usual way. Lets lay out the specs and what you get with it, and then I will tell you what I think it about so far.

Unboxing and Product Specs:
  • Included in box
    • 1 TFV8 Big Baby Light Edition Tank
    • 1 V8 Baby-Q2 Core (0.4 ohm dual coil) (Pre-Installed)
    • 1 V8 Baby-T8 Core (0.15 ohm octuplet coil)
    • 1 V8 Baby-X4 Core (0.15 ohm quadruple coil)
    • 1 replacement glass tube
    • 1 510 Drip Tip Adapter
    • 1 user manual
    • 6 pairs of color sealing O-Rings
    • Spare Parts
  • Specs:
    • Size: 24.5x56mm
    • Weight: 60g
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Capacity: 5ml
    • Thread: 510
    • Output Voltage: 1.5 v

Onto the review. There's not much I can tell you about the tank itself that you haven't already heard. The Big Baby is one of my favorite of the large line of tanks Smok rolled out this past year. The Big Baby Light Editionstill has the same amazing cloud production and flavor it always has, and can use any coils that that are compatible with the Big Baby Tank. It holds 5mls of juice. Here's the kicker though. What makes it the advanced version of the Big Baby is the sole feature of the color changing effect. This tank has a circle of LED lights at the base of the tank that light up when you fire. Of course, in order to use this feature properly that is where the colored sealing O-Rings are come into play. There are six colors included in the TFV8 Big Baby Light Edition Tank. Those colors include Red, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Green, and White. So you can pick based on your mood or your mod. Pick your color and use the largest color sealing ring at the base of the tank and smallest at the top, and then close it up. You can change the colors whenever you feel like it, of course. Once you have installed the color sealing O-Ring then every time you  fire up your tank the tank will emit the exact color of the rings you have installed. Even though the LED lights are only along the bottom of the base the color does seem to bounce off the top O-Ring as well and form a nice glow on this tank. So, you may be thinking "I already have a TFV8 Big Baby Tank. Why do I need another one?" Let me help you out with an answer. It is absolutely amazing. Besides being an awesome added feature you are of course still getting the great Big Baby Tank. Being able to blow amazing clouds, get stellar flavor, and have your own light show makes this a truly great tank. Especially when you see how much light this thing actually puts out. It puts out a great amount of light for a small ring of LED lights. Its definitely worth checking out, and owning it would be an amazing addition to your collection. I do have one complaint, but it shouldn't scare off this amazing purchase, but I feel obligated to inform you of it. The coils that Smok has been putting out as of late do seem to have much lasting power. I went through 3 coils in less than a week. Luckily, at the moment, I have a bunch so I can deal for now, but when I run out that will be a challenge. At the prices coils go for these days it is a bit of an inconvenience. You can get your coils here and pay much less for them, but I felt that this was something a buyer should know. Its not the Light factor of the tank at all. It is, after all, just a TFV8 Big Baby Tank just with LED lights on the bottom. I have noticed a decrease in the quality of the Smok coils for a while now. They do not seem to be lasting at all now a days. I used to be able to get a week out of a Smok coil, but by the 2nd day with these they were black and unusable. At the prices coils are now I felt you should be aware of this. This isn't an issue with this tank specifically. Its an issue with the coils that I hope addressing will maybe help to better the product. As a consumer, you should be told everything about a product you want...even the cons. If you decide to add the TFV8 Big Baby Light Edition Tankyou should definitely get it here at ELiquid Universe where everything is sold at amazing prices. Why pay more for the things you want and need when you can get it here at ELiquid Universe at the most competitive prices out there? Make sure to register with the site to save even more. When you are done making your well priced purchases here check me out on Instagram @vapingangelwhere I do product reviews and promotions on everything vape related and ELiquid Universe Related. Till next time, keep your vape game strong, and keep it here for the next review which will be on the Smok Majesty xoxo

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